Fully beaded and lined X-large Rhea Egg with a Thermometer insert. 3 cut Chez and Rocaille Seed beads.  With rhinestone trim.
Small Rhea Egg decorated with Forget-me-nots, hand carved hearts and fine glitter.  Accented with gold trim
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Angel Series on Goose Egg with
      matching Corian Base
  Hen Egg with
matching Corian Base
   Hen Egg
  with Angel
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How large are Goose eggs? How big are Rhea eggs? To Compare approximate sizes,
check out this page
Victorian Style
  Goose Egg
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(C) EggStasy Creations Design Original
(C) EggStasy Creations Design Originals
(C) EggStasy Creations Design
Teapot is made from a Rhea shell and trimmed with Rhinestones and gold trim.
Matching teacup is made from a goose egg
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(C) EggStasy Creations Design Originals

The pretty Angel above was made with two different Goose eggs.  The basket she offers is made from a tiny Cockatiel egg, filigreed and cut into a basket shape!
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3 Different Goose eggs are intricately carved for the wings and the billowy dress on this fantasy Ballerina Angel . Also adorned with delicate pink 3 cut Chez beads and whispy flowers.
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                                          Blue Heart Jewel box
Lined with deep blue velvet and trimmed with faux pearl  and gold cording
Goose Egg Flower baskets

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         two weeks for creation and shipping of your item.
(C) EggStasy Creations Design Original
The following items are no longer available. They are for viewing only.
Unique and one of a kind creations from Eggshells will make wonderful keepsakes and gifts to anyone on your list.

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Sculpted Roses Jewel Box
      Ostrich Eggshell
Roses are hand sculpted on an Ostrich Eggshell
Jewel box. They are
polished to a porcelain like shine. The inside is
lined with pearl trim and crushed velvety cloth. There is an insert that can be lifted out for storing jewelry in the bottom area.

Blue Butterfly pin and Goose egg
Rhea Eggshell Teapot set
BLUE $75.00
GREEN $75.00
Rhea "Lavender Bell"
Blue w/ white Scroll Goose egg
Available now!