Emu's Zine online:   Featured Artist Oct/Nov. 2002
                               Winner 2nd Place Carved Emu egg 2003
Queensland Egg Decorator's Club, Inc. (Australia)  "Shell 'N Tell" magazine: Tumbling Blocks design egg appeared in March 2002
Judge for Eggshell Sculptor Magazine Annual Contest 2003/2004
Judging of all entries for this exciting annual contest for sculpting and carving eggshells.
For information on the only magazine in the world dedicated to the art of EggShell sculpting/carving, contact:
Gary LeMaster at "eggzotica@mchsi.com"

Egg Artists of Puget Sound Newsletter, (Washington):  Two Eagles Rhea egg appeared in December 2001

The Eggshell Sculptor Magazine (Iowa City, Iowa):
Featured Artist December 2001
Featured Artist Oct/Nov 2002
Best of Show, 1st Place, 2nd place, third place, in various categories of egg Carving.
Local Newspaper story on my work
  Easter Sunday 2004   Muskegon Chronicle

Emu's Zine online:   Article March 2007

Featured artist article
Emu Today & Tomorrow Magazine: May/June 2007 edition
Featured Artist article promoting carving classes in Montana
for July 2007