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This is a collection of photos I've taken through the years. Most between early 80's and mid 90's when I was deep into photography and photo developing/manipulation in a dark room. Some were taken as assignments for photo classes. such as the veggie/fruits photo. That was an assignment to photograph red foods. The old farm machinery and some of the flower photos were assignments to work with depth of field, and the butterflies on the flowers using the aperture setting to blur the background or make it sharp.
There are several photos that have had art media effects added recently for texture and color experimenting. Most all of these photos were copied from slides, I'm still cleaning up scratches and debris spots that occurred from years of moving and storage.  I'll be adding photos as I get them copied and edited, the biggest task will be the color film photos.
A couple of photo notes:
The airplane/crash site photos are real. The crash debris was in a farmers' field and very near the airport.  When the planes took off or landed, the old crashed plane could be seen.  I thought that it was a very odd situation for travelers.

The girl and palm tree, and the vultures in the tree were an assignment done using black construction paper placed on a piece of glass. Below the glass was a clear tray of water, and below that a small light set up. Food coloring was added to the water and swirled a bit. The camera was stationed above the set up.